Western Digital – WDTV LIVE – Remote Control Codes



Western Digital WDTV Live remote control

Western Digital WDTV Live remote control

I couldn’t find anywhere those codes. So I used a Phillips Pronto programmable remote control with Phillips ProntoEdit software to “learn” those codes from a working remote control.

I believe that all the buttons are working fine. I was able to test most of them.

If anyone uses it, I’d appreciate a few words if everything is working fine or not.

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What teenagers want to do and why they want to do nothing at all

Teenager and Social Networks

Teenager and Social Networks

I have been noticing that several teenagers have hard time to find something that amazes them, other than video games, internet, social networks, drugs, alcohol, crime and other kinds of entertainment that do not add much value to themselves, if any at all.

First of all, this kind of situation has ever been there. In my early years (I’m 44 today), I had a big interest on electronics, but never tried to learn how to build something. We had everything we needed at home, including literature for beginners, at my reach, and my dad was always around. That’s how Dad learned, with literature for beginners. He had never refused to teach me or my brothers, but none of us had ever got involved on designing electronics as Dad was used to. Anyway, the technical information was there all the time, surrounding us every single moment, just waiting for us to use it, if we wanted to.

At that time, we were kept at the house, which had a nice backyard, because the neighborhood wasn’t that much safe for kids. But we had bicycles, footballs, tennis gear, and several kinds of toys to play outdoor or indoor. We were very active kids, burning energy every day and eventually getting busy doing stuff for our parents.

As far as I can see, and understand, nothing in the world is more fun than playing video games and chatting with friends over the internet. At the age of 17, they want to be 18 so they will have rights to consume alcohol. Fake IDs are everywhere. And to make it worse, parties and places to hang out are completely contaminated with drug abuse, either legal or ilegal. Most of the teenagers can buy drugs easier than and old fashion 44 y.o. like I am.

As parents, as uncles, as older friends, our obligation is to show them the real world, which is a lot different than TV, or animations, or social networks. In the real world, people chat in person. Eye contact happens in real life. And when you do something wrong, there is no power-off button to avoid consequences.

I’ve been seeing too much kids that are completely lost. They do not know what they like to do. They do not want to learn how to build things (kind of similar to when I was a kid). But, when we wanted something, we were used to find ways to get it. Beginning with the family was the first option. Raising money was the second. I wanted a new bike. I wanted to play the piano. I wanted a fish-tank. And I found ways to get them. Currently, all they want is a computer connected to the web and sleep.

Is it depression? Or just depressive?

In some ways we can think that there is no much challenge to these kids. If they live in an apartment and want to own a horse, parents will find a way to do it. But these dreams are so much impossible sometimes that they don’t even ask. So they keep them inside themselves and don’t even try to get them.

My biggest hope is that these kids absorb all the good things that are around them, so they can use them in their favor in the future.

Some kids get mature earlier, and have more chances to learn ambition and to accept challenges. They deserve a successful future. They will probably start making money sooner and will also be able to retire sooner, if they want to. Others will enjoy more the youth and might get hard time at old ages. These will need to work at more advanced ages.

10 tips to save money

We are always thinking about some way of saving some money. I’ll share some tips that works for me.



I don’t know one only person who is not trying to save some cash to buy something that he or she wants or, even worse, to pay some bill or debt. So, I’ll share some tips that worked nice to me. The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is: “if I do it for ever, I will save for ever”. It is necessary some consistency and discipline. Not too much, but at least you need to have control over your self. Continue reading

4 free tips to lose weight permanently without starving

Those are 4 tips that really worked for me to lose weight. I was 196 pounds heavy and lost 34 pound in 6 months at no suffering


Lose weight - Help

I knew that I was heavier than I should, so I decided to lose some weight. I’m not a salad eater nor a sports enthusiast, so I decided to create my own recipe to get thinner. Guess what! It was not hard to do it. In the first three or four days I felt like something was missing, but after that, I was OK with the changes that I made in my life. It’s just a question of training your brain to the new diet. It really take about four days to get it mostly done, but after a few weeks you will feel funny eating in the old way. Continue reading

Energy waste: you are also doing it!

Every single person in the Earth is wasting energy that could be recycled. Learn a few easy (or not so much) things that would save you a lot of energy and, of course money.

Residential Heating and Cooling

Residential Heating and Cooling

If you ever baked a cake at home, you wasted energy. Think a little bit about how much heat was used to prepare the food and how much of it was just released to the air. In the Winter, you may use it a little better once you, not intentionally, keep this energy (heat) in the house so your heating system works less and, obviously, spend less gas. But in Summer, the same cake would waste a lot of energy, since you will not need this energy to heat your home. Even worse, you will want to get rid of that heat, so you open the windows, turn on a ceiling fan or an air conditioning system, which spends even more energy. Continue reading